Welcome to Elite RC Online Hobbies

Elite RC is the home of Mecatech products in Australia. We have focus on large scale remote control on-road cars.  Our aim is to provide support to the Mecatech brand through excellent customer service providing access to other parts where required t..  Our parts list is increasing as we secure arrangements with suppliers so check back regularly.

We attempt to keep stock available where possible however some products are ordered directly with the suppliers after payment is made online .  We do not wish to deter customers by indicating out of stock as we are able to source stock quickly directly from the supplier with minimal delay.  The average delay from items ordered direct from suppliers is approximate 6-12 days.  However with the current global crisis with the Coronavirus (COVD19) we are experiencing some delays in delivery from overseas suppliers. Please emails us to inquire if stock is available.  If there is a delay Elite RC will advise and keep you updated on the progress of you order.  We thank all our customers for their patience and understanding as sometimes products from Europe can be difficult to source depending on the season.