Welcome to Elite RC Online Hobbies

Elite RC is the home of Mecatech products in Australia. We have focus on large scale remote control on-road cars.  Our aim is to provide support to the Mecatech brand through excellent customer service providing access to other parts where required t..  Our parts list is increasing as we secure arrangements with suppliers so check back regularly.

Considering the current effective shutdown of RC clubs and events in Australia due to COVID-19 coupled with the unprecidented increase in shipping costs and transit times.  We are turning off the ability to order and pay for goods online due to varying prices for new stock and shipping.    At present we have most if not all parts for the Mecatech FW-01 2019 Chasis and will be ready once the sport resumes.

Please email us at info@eliterc.com.au with your requirements so we can to provide further information on availabilty and current pricing for parts. We do appologise for this inconvenience and we will endeavour to provide the best service we can. Thank you.